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My publicist says that roadside trysts are not what she meant by “get personal.” It seemed personal enough to me.

Liam’s map is of a waterfront, a bustling place on the edge of a river. You can almost see the little boats on his skin.

Chieko’s was a kind of municipal garden or park.

I think Liam is right. I should stop while I have managed to say the words “virus” and “map” and leave it alone. Yesterday the Datsun sped up alongside me and I saw that the driver was a woman, in a baseball cap and a white dress. On her neck was a black mark like mine. She flicked the dog-Virgin’s head; it bobbled ridiculously. But I understood her meaning. There are certain codes, in times of war.

Yes, I said war. It is a war, and I did not understand that nothing has yet been decided on the American front.

Of course there is another war, and it is that one she meant by the Virgin with the dog’s head. A war in the other place, the other city, the other world.

I think Liam is right. But I find myself less concerned with him and more fascinated with how far I can go before the dog-Virgin catches me up in her teeth.

Let’s try this:
The other place is called Palimpsest

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  1. D. Mashiq said

    Please post again. Let us know you’re all right, after that.

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