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Under Duress

I have been told by my publicist that it is more or less the law of the jungle that an author must have a blog if he is to sell books. I certainly want to sell books.

But I think that I wrote a book, and that should stand on its own, without my being forced to tell the world what I had for breakfast (I ate at a diner called DINER and had two poached eggs, sourdough toast, and really terrible tea with sweetening already in it.) But she is a publicist and I am…a privatist? So I will do as she says because I am good at obedience.

As my publisher is not a large one, I have rented a car for my “tour,” which I am paying for. It is white and nondescript, much like DINER and everything else in the western part of this country. I am currently just outside Denver, traveling to New York for my US book launch on January 21st.


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